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PHP AdServer Software ◄ PHP mySQL Open-Source

PHP Banner Management Software provides ad management applications. Using display ad software will help Increase Efficiency and Maximize Revenue. Start making money with your websites with a adserver software solution. If you run a website then you can make money from it by selling ad space or running an affiliate program which provides you with free advertising, marketing and increased sales.

► PHP adServer software is a feature rich AdPlacer software that can be installed on your web server.
► It allows output and monitoring of advertising materials (banners etc.) on various Internet sites.
► Therefore, the server needs only PHP and MySQL (AdServer is Opensource).
► The PHP Banner Management Software offers as site operators a variety of functions.
► adplacer serves primarily to control and output the banner, advertising media and text messages.
► Also the monitoring of advertising success is easily implemented with this software.
► Deep technical skills are no longer required after the installation to use the software.
► Also advertising media advertising network like Google AdSense and so-called affiliate programs can be easily integrated with the software.

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