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Features of Ad Management Script ◄ PHP mySQL Open-Source

adplacer comes with a lot of powerful features and functions that makes it one of the most successful ad serving script on the market. adplacer is an ad serving software developed in PHP & MySQL for personal or small businesses. It allows its users to start their own revenue generating ad serving business. We have combined and cloned features of Adwords, AdSense and AdRoll into one amazing script. Read also all about a PHP License Manager System! Our powerful dashboard allows complete control from traffic stats to revenue management. And of course our PHP Ad Management Software Backend can be used by several Ad Managers and Web Projects at the same time.

The most PHP AdServer Software is used for normal Banner Management, but you can use an Banner Management Software also as Banner Rotator for your Web Pages. And if you use such an universal PHP and mySQL Ad System on your own server, it is very useful that the PHP Ad Server Script is an Open Source Software. So you will find easily a Developer to make small changes to your Ad Server Script.

► adplacer have all needet Core Functions
► Ad management, monetization options and Targeting options
► Integrate your own business model
► Modern user-interface
► All Types of Media and Mobile
► Optional third party integrationn
► Pricing: no ongoing fee - only one time payment
► Flexibility & upgradability
► Easy hosting - no special infrastructure needed
► You will receive proper and quick support, when needed

▼ More information about ad server you can read in Wikipedia
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